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• 10/4/2017

Why did Dally kill himself?

Does anyone have any theories?
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• 11/18/2017
He purposely robbed the store so that he would get caught. I think he was holding a gun at the officer? I don't remember correctly but if he was then the gun was empty and he was only doing it to seem like a threat so the police would shoot him. Also think logically why would he go rob a store after his friend just died? He killed himself because in their group Johnny was the one he cared about the most so after Johnny died I guess he just lost it
• 11/27/2017
Kiwii32 is right.
• 1/11/2018
The reason he killed himself was becuase he felt like no one cared about him, he felt like johnny was the only one that did. he did kill himself thats why he robbed the convenient store, so that the cops would kill him
• 3/13/2018
Johnny was the only person that dally loved when Johnny died dally had stolen from a store and had the police after him and when the gang got there the police had shot dally.
• 3/23/2018
Johnny was an important existence in Dally's life. Dally loved and cared for Johnny a lot, so it was a huge blow to him when Johnny died. He was devastated. Dally's tough and isn't swayed very easily, so when he truly cares about someone, he'll do his all for them. Johnny was one of these people. When he died, Dally ran out and purposely got caught trying to steal so that he could get killed by the cops. He waved a gun that wasn't loaded around, and the police, not knowing that it didn't have any bullets, killed him
• 4/18/2018
Because he couldn't handle that he had lost his best friend that he loved
• 5/31/2018
• 7/5/2018
He didn't kill himself intentionally, but he did kill himself by holding up the unloaded gun to the policemen if you read the book you would find out more about this part of the movie.
• 12/3/2018

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