Some of the cast members of The Outsiders film also appear in other film adaptations of youth novels by S. E. Hinton.


None of the characters appeared in all the four films, but two of them in three films: Matt Dillon is missing in That Was Then, This Is Now only, Emilio Estevez in Rumble Fish only.

The largest number of common cast members have The Outsiders and Rumble Fish: Five actors starred in both films. The Outsiders and That Was Then, This Is Now have only one common cast member, Emilio Estevez, except for a short cameo appearance of C. Thomas Howell as Ponyboy Curtis.


Image Actor Image Character Film Year
Matt Dillon-01
Matt Dillon
Tex McCormick Tex 1982
Dallas Winston The Outsiders 1983
Rusty James Rumble Fish 1983
Emilio Estevez-01
Emilio Estevez Johnny Collins Tex 1982
Two-Bit Matthews The Outsiders 1983
Mark Jennings That Was Then, This Is Now 1985
Glenn Withrow-01
Glenn Withrow Tim Shepard The Outsiders 1983
Biff Wilcox Rumble Fish 1983
Diane Lane-01
Diane Lane Sherri Valance The Outsiders 1983
Patty Rumble Fish 1983
Tom Waits-01
Tom Waits Buck Merrill The Outsiders 1983
Benny Rumble Fish 1983
William Smith-01
William Smith Store clerk The Outsiders 1983
Patterson the Cop Rumble Fish 1983
C. Thomas Howell Ponyboy Curtis The Outsiders 1983
Ponyboy Curtis That Was Then, This Is Now 1985

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