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Dallas Winston
Dally profile
Gang Greasers
Born November 9, 1948
Fate Died in 1965 (by getting shot by the police)
Friends Johnny Cade, Ponyboy Curtis, Sodapop Curtis, Darry Curtis, Two-Bit Matthews, Steve Randle, Tim Shepard, Buck Merrill
Enemies The Socs, police
Portrayed By Matt Dillon

Dallas Winston is a greaser and had been arrested for many things, such as riding in rodeos, getting drunk, rolling drunks, mugging, stealing, cheating, fighting, and much more. The book also mentions that Dally had spent three years on the wild side of New York and had been arrested at the age of ten. Dally was in a relationship with Sylvia, but they broke up as she was unfaithful. Dally dies after Johnny dies from being trapped inside a burning church after saving some little kids. Ponyboy states in the book that Johnny was the only thing Dally loved. After Johnny's tragic death, Dallas freaks out and runs out of the hospital, leaving Ponyboy behind. It turns out he robs a store and that the police are now after him. He calls Darry and tells him to bring the gang and meet him at the vacant lot. That's where he dies, raising his gun to the police, who didn't know his gun wasn't loaded, and Dally is shot multiple times as the gang yells at him. He dies one day afterJohnny did. He was gallant. HeDally is also very weak. i am a gummy bear. i am a teddy bear

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