The Greasers are a gang of poor and lower-middle class teens and young adults in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They serve as the main protagonists in The Outsiders


The Greasers appear in 1965-1966, the time of the story. The gang could have possibly existed before then, not as "the Greasers" but as childhood friends, before then moving on to becoming a greaser gang.


Greasers wear leather jackets, tight jeans, greased back hair, smoke cigarettes on average, sometimes drink alcohol, and carry knives (and occasionally guns). 

The Gang

The seven main greasers are the members of The Gang

  • Darry Curtis - the eldest Curtis brother, serves as the unofficial leader of the gang and as a father figure.
  • Sodapop Curtis - the middle Curtis brother, drop-out, happy-go-lucky
  • Ponyboy Curtis - the youngest Curtis brother, is the main protagonist and narrator of the story,
  • Johnny Cade - the youngest gang member, considered "the gang's pet"
  • Dallas Winston - "character" of the gang, hates the world.
  • Two-Bit Mathews - wise-cracker of the gang.
  • Steve Randle - Soda's best friend, likes cars.

Other Greasers

  • Tim Shepard - a good friend of Dally's and the brother of Curly and Angela Shepard
  • Curly Shepard - brother of Tim and Angela Shepard
  • Angela Shepard - sister of Tim and Curly Shepard
  • Sandy - Soda's ex-girlfriend who moved to Florida
  • Evie - girlfriend of Steve Randle
  • Sylvia - ex-girlfriend of Dally
  • Kathy - someone known by Two-Bit

Similar gangs


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