Two Bit helps Johnny

Two-Bit fights Mrs. Cade to protect Johnny

"He'd rather see those no-count hoodlums than his own folks..."
— Mrs. Cade when Johnny was dying in The Outsiders page 123

Mrs. Cade Johnny Cade's mom. She is an alcoholic and always ignores Johnny, except when she's "hacked off at something, and then you can hear her yelling clear down at our house," according to Ponyboy.


She was a little woman, with straight black hair and big black eyes like Johnny's, but hers were cheap and hard.

Visiting Johnny in the Hospital

When Johnny is in the hospital, she goes to visit him. But, Johnny refuses to see her, saying that she probably just wants to yell at him. When she sees Two-Bit and Ponyboy, she yells at them, claiming that it's all their fault. Two-Bit yells at her "No wonder he hates your guts. You don't even care about him, you damn drunk," before Ponyboy moves him along to see Dally.