Mrs. Curtis is the wife of Darrel Curtis Sr. and the mother of Sodapop, Ponyboy, and Darry. She was killed in an auto wreck with her husband.

Physical Appearance

She is described as golden, like her son, Soda.


When recalling events with his older brother, Soda, Ponyboy claims that he loved Soda more than he ever loved anyone, even his mother and father. It is mentioned not long after that his parents were killed in an auto wreck, and the three brothers got to stay together as long as they behaved. As he thinks about Soda's old horse, Mickey Mouse, he recalls that Soda never told his mother or father how he felt, as they never had enough time together, and usually had a difficult time making ends meet.

As he dreams about the country, Ponyboy thinks that Darry would lose his cold look and be like how he was prior to his parents' death. In Ponyboy's dream, his mother and father are brought back to life, and thinks that his mother would bake more chocolate cakes. He also believes that Dallas would talk to his mother, and make him grin in spite of himself. Dallas would sometimes tell Ponyboy that he had quite a mom, and that she knew the score. It is noted that she could talk to Dallas, and would keep him from getting into trouble. She is also deemed by her son to be beautiful, and noted to be golden.