The Outsiders
Episode 1
Air date March 25, 1990
(two-hour film)
Written by Alan Shapiro
Directed by Sharron Miller
Alan Shapiro
Episode Guide
The Stork Club

The first episode of The Outsiders TV series was the pilot film for the show. It was a two-hour film written by Alan Shapiro and directed by Sharron Miller and Alan Shapiro. The episode first aired on Fox on March 25, 1990.


In addition to the eight main cast members who appear in all the episodes, the following members of the recurring cast appear in episode 1:

Further, the following cast members appear in episode 1, only:

  • Jenny Agutter as Maria Rogers (episode No. 1)
  • Paul Koslo as Officer Dickey (episode No. 1)
  • L. Scott Caldwell as Barbara Richards (episode No. 1)
  • Brandon Hooper as Louis (episode No. 1)
  • Ele Keats as Car Hop #1 (episode No. 1)
  • Shaun Del Grande as Boy Greaser (episode No. 1)
  • Leonardo DiCaprio Kid Fighting Scout (episode No. 1)
  • Bob Casper as Soc (episode No. 1, uncredited)
  • Jennifer Stewart as Girl Bowling (episode No. 1, uncredited)
  • Robert Stewart as Man Bowling (episode No. 1, uncredited)

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