fight, he simply replied that it was fun and a challenge for him.

Mickey Mouse

Sodapop Curtis used to work in a stable when he was twelve years old. He took a specific liking to one horse named Mickey Mouse. This horse was "a dark-gold buckskin, sassy and ornery, not much more than a colt". Sodapop loved Mickey Mouse as if he was Soda's horse, and Mickey Mouse loved Soda; he'd only come when Soda called. "Mickey Mouse was a mean horse. He kicked other horses and was always getting into trouble." One day Mickey Mouse got sold, and Soda was heartbroken. Soda cried all night long after Mickey Mouse was sold. Subscribe for more "outsider articles" at jessica farner on youtube it has a picture of my son on it because he took my phone and took a picture of himself and put it on my profile and now its there forever until I figure out how to change it. My son is now 13 and single and is looking for a girlfriend.

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