The Curtis gang is a gang of greasers to which the Curtis brothers belong. They are a very close-knit bunch, considering each other family.



The gang members (ltr): Two-Bit, Sodapop, Ponyboy, Dally, Johnny, Darry, Steve

The gang contains the seven main greasers:

Even though one may not be to fond of another. For example, Ponyboy Curtis says he sometimes hates his brother's best friend, Steve Randle, but the two would never physically hurt each other.

When two members of the gang, Dallas Winston (second) and Johnny Cade (first), die on the same day, everyone is devastated.

Johnny Cade was considered the gang's "pet", because he is scared and quiet in most situations. Sodapop is the one that everyone in the gang can look up to because he is happy-go-lucky and easy to talk to. Two-Bit is the "joker" of the group because he is often times making wise cracks and goofing off. Darrel is considered the unofficial leader because he always thinks straight. Ponyboy is the quiet one who is the "kid" of the group and is more into movies and non-violence than the other members. Dallas is the toughest greaser in the gang, since he was first jailed at 10. 


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